We craft dreams

We create inspiring new worlds, with stunning 2D visuals. We believe in a gameplay that can tell stories. We are Cordens Interactive.

Vesper: Zero Light Edition

Vesper: Zero Light Edition is a visionary adventure taking place in a decaying world full of puzzles and mysteries, where your choices will change the future of an entire race.

Seven is a small android with no powers to defeat enemies until he finds the Drive Gun, a weapon used to absorb lights and control minds.


Un-announced project

We are working on something new, here in Cordens Interactive.

We’re going to play and mess around with the rules of the fourth dimension, there will be a lot of fast-paced action and time-paradoxes, including all the things you loved most about Vesper such as incredible vistas, cinematic set-pieces and intense story drivers.

Portings on other devices

We developed in-house expertise regarding portings on other platforms, especially Nintendo Switch.

In Cordens Interactive we strongly believe that a careful planning is crucial for delivering the best possible game, and we want to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.

Legal Offices

Piazza Ercole Marelli 30, Pavia (PV)

Work offices

Via Thomas Alva Edison 4, Binasco (MI)