Playful Dreams.

Cordens Interactive is an italian videogame developer focused on
atmospheric experiences to inspire people.

Delivering sense of wonder and empathetic thoughts through immersive videogames to dive in.

Cordens Interactive, established in Milan – homeland of creativity and Italian design – was built up from the scratch thanks to the strong passion of two italian students for videogames and their incredible unexpressed potential.

Our aim is to build genuine interactive experiences, hanging in the balance between sparkling fun and telling universal concepts through the design of virtual worlds with a strong identity. We believe in powerful stories to tell. We believe in fun.


Dusk: Awakening

Dusk: Awakening is a 2D puzzle-platformer influenced by heavy stealth mechanics. You will take control of a small robot awakening in the middle of an apocalyptic battlefield, on a distant dying planet which past is forgotten.

An unknown enemy is on the chase. No powers, no ability to defeat enemies, until you find a Dusk Gun, a weapon used to absorb lights, create darkness, and control minds.

Cordens Dusk_Spider Image

Discover the world of Dusk

Tommaso Loiacono

Tommaso Loiacono

Game Director

Tommaso Loiacono, 26 years old, co-founder and game director.
He's an IT engineer, a dungeon master and a passionate story-writer: give him a tabletop game and he will forget to eat and drink!
Federico Lippolis

Federico Lippolis

Gameplay Programmer

Federico Lippolis, 25 years old, gameplay programmer.
IT engineer graduated at Politecnico di Milano, he's an enthusiast dungeon master and an Overwatch shooting-addicted. See you online!
Matteo Marzorati

Matteo Marzorati

Creative Director

Matteo Marzorati, 25 years old, co-founder and creative director.
Former e-sports player at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and former content creator at and, he's a fond designer that loves to design strikingly-visual environments and to pet corgis.
Francesca Marchiando Pacchiola

Francesca Marchiando Pacchiola

2D Artist

Francesca Marchiando Pacchiola, main artist of the company.
She's a talented professional with a background in cinema and animation and a master of concept art gained at Event Horizon School. You can easily find her working while watching eerie and creepy podcast about H.P. Lovecraft.

Francesco Gagliardi

Sound Designer & Composer

Francesco, our sound designer and composer, takes care of the overall audio system, including the sound of each object in the game and the music that will underline the most epic moments of it.

Fabio Donadoni

2D Animator

Fabio Donadoni, alias FabulusToons, is an experienced 2D animator that tackles every challenge regarding animation. He's a teacher at Event Horizon and NABA (Nuova Accademia Belle Arti) and he knows almost every facet of bone-based animation, from 3D to 2D.

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Our headquarter is located in: Piazza Ercole Marelli 30, Pavia (PV), Italia

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Our work offices are located in: Via Thomas Alva Edison 4, Binasco (MI), Italia